GIVE 20, GET 20

GIVE $20, GET $20




Oddities Prints has always relied on the good word of our friends, neighbors, and extended community to reach new clients and collaborators. Our New Year’s resolution in 2019 is to give back to all you fine trumpeters by launching a referral rewards ‘program’ where you can earn ODD-BUCK$ to apply to future orders.



  1. For each new client you refer to Oddities, you’ll receive $20 worth of ODD-BUCK$ rewards.

  2. Newly referred clients will also receive $20 in ODD-BUCK$ rewards.

  3. Each time you pay for an order of $100 or more, you can redeem up to $20 in ODD-BUCK$.

It’s a word-of-mouth win-win :-)

To earn rewards for referring folks to Oddities, be sure the referee drops your name when paying for their order ;-)

We’ll keep a running tab of credit for you.




Q: How many people can I refer and how often?

A: Unlimited... until we change our minds :-)

Q: My name is Ursa and I work for NASA. When I place an order for company t-shirts on behalf of NASA, who is eligible to cash in referral credit?

A: The referral credit can be cashed in by whoever’s name is on the invoice. If the order is for NASA, it is redeemable by a NASA employee --Ursa cannot redeem the credit on NASA’s account for a discount on her personal order or side project.

Q: If I have never placed an order with Oddities, can I still receive credit when I refer a friend?

A: Nope. Only clients we’ve worked with before can receive a referral credit for a referral.

Q: If my order is $300 total, does that mean I get $60 off?

A: Nada, the max redeemable credit amount per order is $20.

Q: What happens when I stack my credit?

A: It sits ‘in the bank’ and gets put towards every order of $100+, one $20 chunk at a time.

Q: How do I know how many referral credits I’ve got in the bank?

A: Email kendell@odditiesprints.com and she’ll tell you. We do it the old-fashioned way here.

Q: My friend just placed an order, but Kendell says I haven’t received any credit. What gives?

A: Your friend has likely only paid their deposit. Referral credits won't get applied to your name until said friend has paid their balance in full.