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AFTER HOURS: Risograph Workshop Oct. 30, 2018

AFTER HOURS: Risograph Workshop Oct. 30, 2018


AFTER HOURS RISOGRAPH WORKSHOP : Tuesday October 30, 2018 : 6:30pm to 9:30pm

What happens after quittin' time at the Odd Shop?... MORE PRINTING!

We introduce to you AFTER HOURS at ODDITIES PRINTS. This is a 2-color RISOGRAPH WORKSHOP instructed by our resident riso-expert Kendell Harbin.

Experience the magic of ink on paper! Learn printmaking tips, tricks & theories AFTER HOURS here at the shop. For experts and noobs alike!

ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED (byo extras). Every participant will leave with an edition of 25 prints on top quality French Paper.


NOTES: generally light colored French paper to be provided. IF YOU WANT TO BRING YOUR OWN PAPER, chat with Kendell@odditiesprints.com to make sure it's suitable for RISO

MAKE ART ON THE SPOT: We've got some basic supplies, but bring your favorite pen / stencils / letraset / collage materials etc ;-)

INKS AVAILABLE FOR YOU: The always applicable BLACK, as well as Bright Red, Blue, Medium Blue, Yellow, Green, Orchid, Orange, Flat Gold, Fluorescent Pink, Bubblegum Pink & Light Teal. KEEP IN MIND colors can be overlapped with varying densities to create NEW, EXCITING COLOR TONES!

Check out www.odditiesprints.com/risograph for all available colors & info :-)

fine print: (position in class is non-refundable, if something comes up and you can't make it... let us know and we'll work with you to fill your spot :-)

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