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REWIND CAP: flashback ink on a cool hat to help support RCMA

REWIND CAP: flashback ink on a cool hat to help support RCMA



Grab an excellent hat and help support the Roaming Center for Magnetic Alternatives!

FLASHBACK INK: Flashback ink is "highway safety worker style". This image appears muted-gray until exposed to a direct beam of light. Then it becomes highly reflective, bouncing the light back to you for MAXIMUM SAFETY. Wear it while riding your bike at night, and rest assured that when a motorist spots you, they'll know to rewind their tapes before returning them.


The Roaming Center for Magnetic Alternative (RCMA) is a lending library of over 1000 vhs tapes and video technologies traveling Mid-America to connect with outlying LGBTQ+ populations. It is an ad hoc media and research center exploring the correlation between queer culture, video history, and a medium on the edge of obsolescence. Providing free screenings, videography workshops, and equipment access, we transform parking lots, strip malls, private venues, and public squares into classrooms for communities who wish to uncover and tell their own stories. Taking a wider view, our research examines the role of archives, sharing economies, and self-made media throughout queer history.




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