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LEADERS MUST DIE: Artist Edition, Pablo Delcielo

LEADERS MUST DIE: Artist Edition, Pablo Delcielo


ALL THE WORLD’S LEADERS MUST DIE: Artist Edition T-shirt + Risograph printed lryic sheet.

PABLO DELCIELO is a South American illustrator now staying in Putraintú, Chile. ODDITIES PRINTS is stoked to edition their excellent illustration of an appropriately angry planet earth! This drawing is inspired by a song from the recent experimental band USA IS A MONSTER. Pablo wanted to include a lyric sheet, so we risograph printed his custom sheet in bright red ink, on pastel blue cover paper ;-)

SHIRTS ARE PRINTED by hand, with EARTH-FRIENDLY waterbased inks. 100% supersoft ringspun cotton by American Apparel with a not-super-trim unisex fit. These are pretty “regular” as far as sizing goes… maybe a touch slimmer than a generic Gildan-style shirt…. real good stuff!

check out Pablo’s illustrations: www.pablodelcielo.com

This is a SMALL EDITION. We may make more… we may not!

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