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PISCES: Artist Edition Cult Candle

PISCES: Artist Edition Cult Candle


ODDITIES PRINTS EDITIONS (OPE-005): We are excited to continue our artist-collaboration series! Throughout the year we will be releasing hand-printed cult candles featuring original art by some of our favorite artists. New editions will be released every 2 months, corresponding with Zodiac signs & select curses / hexes / wishes / desires.

PISCES: artist edition candle featuring original work by Jordan Carr. White wax 7-day candle printed with black-white split fountain enamel.

JORDAN CARR is an artist & founder of Oddities Prints. His art stems from within the limitations of printmaking, using collage, primal instinct & prose to create visual imagery which pushes, bends and flexes he boundaries set in place by the tools of the trade.

HAND SCREEN PRINTED by the expert hands of Oddities Prints. We’ve tested, tested again & refined our cylindrical screen-printing process especially for this print series. These candles are directly-printed, no cheap stickers or vinyl labels in sight. You are getting a hand-printed art object, made in the most traditional & true way possible. We’re proud of each candles uniqueness & embrace the primal printmaker’s hand evident in every detail.

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